• WiFi gateway - ARF45 Serial to Wi-Fi, RS232, IP65 box, 802.11b&g.
  • Range: up to 200m.
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +70°C.
  • Transparent mode.


ARF45 range comes in two versions:

  • Standard model (ARF7532I)

proposes RS232 / RS485 interface & complies with the 802.11b and 802.11g network standards with WPA-PSK (personal)security.

  • Pro model (ARF7532K)

works in RS232. In addition to all standard features, it complies with the 802.11i standard with an advanced WPA-2 Enterprise security protocol.

Available in a ready-to-use IP65 case, it provided wireless data transmission over a range of 200m.

Both versions incorporate Roaming technology, making it possible to connect to the nearest Wifi access point and/or the one with the strongest radio signal automatically. This ensures a reliable and uninterrupted connection to the network whatever the environment for applications requiring mobility.

In order to make their use and deployment easy, they have an on-board web server accessible via any standard internet browser (I.E., Firefox). In addition, they offer the option of creating an XML file enabling users to save and duplicate a standard confi guration.

They are the ideal networking solution for applications requiring a maximum level of security in sectors such as robotics, logistics and industrial computing.

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M2M Komunikacja bezprzewodowa WiFi
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