IOx - Wireless Modbus

  • IOG: Modbus Cellular Gateway.
  • IOE: Modbus Ethernet Gateway.
  • IOP: Modbus AP Router

• Application:

  • Provide wireless uplink to local control network or to intranet for industrial application like SCADA, Telemetry and Tele-service.
  • Modbus cellular GW provide Modbus devices uplink to intranet by LTE or to local control network by Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • Modbus AP router provide devcies uplink to control network by Wi-Fi.
  • Modbus Ethernet gateway provide devices uplink to control network by Ethernet.

• WAN & Uplink:

  • LTE directly uplink to WAN intranet, Wi-Fi uplink to local center BSU.
  • Multi-cellular, combo cellular, concurrent Wi-Fi provide high reliability and BW by failover, or load balance mechanism.

• Modbus Connectivity & I/O Control:

  • Ethernet provide network connectivity and Modbus TCP access.
  • RS232/485 provide complete Modbus RTU/ASCII master / slave access.
  • Wi-Fi AP provide Modbus bridge and Wi-Fi client access.
  • D/A I/O module can be used for event trigger handling or data acquisition from environment sensors.

• Networking:

  • Fully protocol with NAT/Routing/IPv6 compatible with most IP network .
  • Firewall and access control can prevent network from attacks.
  • VPN tunneling enable secure intranet connection.

• Management:

  • Web UI and CLI for friendly setting; SMS command for device remote control.
  • SNMP and TR069 for device and network status management.

• Power / Housing / Antenna:

  • DC 9~48V dual power input with terminal block, flexible fitting with environment.
  • IP30 Rugged metal case with vibration and shock proof.
  • DIN-rail and bracket mounting kit, easy to use in various places.

 download PDF datasheet

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