seria SN

Seria SN to najwyższej jakości manipulatory, precyzyjnie zaprojektowane i zbudowane, aby sprostać wymaganiom branży telewizyjnej. Bezstykowa technologia Halla, z wykorzystaniem najnowszej generacji czujników zapewnia niezawodne działanie bez żadnych zakłóceń.

Key features:

1. Contactless hall effect technology, using the latest generation sensor, results in reliable, noise-free operation.

2. A smooth consistent feel is achieved by utilising steel ball races and PTFE bearing surfaces.

3. The SN Series is available with analogue linear voltage or PWM outputs, having a range of factory configured gain settings.

4. Magnetic shielding ensures the SN Series is not adversely affected by other magnetic devices that are typically positioned close to it, such as reed switches.

5. The mechanical design is complemented by two aluminium handle options in ‘Barrel’ and ‘Bullet’ styles.

The SN Series is designed to address the niche market for Audio Visual applications, for such products as:

  • Music studio equipment.
  • Video and Image editing equipment.
  • Lighting panel equipment.
  • Sound and broadcast panels.

1050 2 med

Automatyka przemysłowa Efekt Halla miniaturowe (sterowane palcem)


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