seria HR

  • 1-osiowe precyzyjne joystiki sterowane kciukiem.
  • Funkcja ustawienia pokrętła "friction hold".
  • Szczelność IP68.

APEM expands its range of proportional thumbwheels with a new, friction hold version. This new patented technology allows for ultra-precise movement while allowing the user to hold the selection in a set position.

A patented technology:

The HR series uses proven non-contacting Hall effect sensor technology, independent from the friction mechanism, providing a smooth and precise linear voltage output that does not degrade over time.

Two versions to fit your needs:

The HR series thumbwheels now come in two versions: one with 11 detents along the travel (1 at center and 5 on each side)

and another with a center detent, smooth movement on each side and providing a feel of friction hold without detents.

More precise and comfortable control:

Historically, speed control was achieved through the use of a potentiometer or rotary switch, which are generally large and bulky. Hall effect sensor technology improves the user experience with optimized ergonomics, efficiency and a longer lifespan.

Sealed up to IP68, the HR series with friction hold is ideal in applications that include panel mount and joystick integration as well as agricultural machinery, material handling equipment and off-road vehicles.


1225 2 med

Automatyka przemysłowa Efekt Halla subminiaturowe (sterowane kciukiem)


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