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APEM introduces the newest addition to the single axis paddle series: the small & sleek BL series. Following the recent launch of the BH series paddle, the new BL series features the same exciting new design, but in a smaller package... measuring at just 48 mm above panel. The compact footprint of the paddles allows for closer group installation of multiple paddles, perfect in applications such as vehicle arm rests, remote control portable boxes and various agricultural applications. The BL series sculpted, ergonomical handles are available in five different color features and in a removable, soft touch rubber or plastic insert that remains secure during operation. The choice material provides the benefit of increased comfort to the operator without compromise. The BH and BL series paddles are IP67 sealed, are tested to global environmental standards and currently rated up to 10 million lifecycles. Like the BH series, the BL series paddles offer smooth and precise finger operations in mild to extreme environments. Distinctive features

  •  Hall effect joystick and switch function
  •  Sculpted ergonomic rubber grip
  •  5V operation - standard dual redundant outputs
  •  Analog or PWM outputs
  •  Custom lever colors & designs available
  •  IP67 sealed
  •  EMC shielded
  •  48 mm above panel height

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Automatyka przemysłowa Efekt Halla subminiaturowe (sterowane kciukiem)
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