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  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS module
  • xE910 Unified Form Factor Family
  • GNSS variant supporting GPS, GLONASS
  • ARM11 processing power
  • LGA package

The GE910 is the GSM/GPRS product line of Telit's xE910 Unified Form Factor Family: m2m cellular modules with common LGA form factor, supporting all the different radio access technologies. With pin-to-pin compatibility across the xE910 Family, a one-time integration enables a seamless path to higher data rates and different wireless technologies with UMTS, HSPA+, CDMA 1xRTT, EV-DO and coming soon LTE.

The GE910 is Telit's first GSM/GPRS family of cellular modules to provide USB 2.0 full speed interface. It boasts a powerful ARM11 providing plenty of processing power and on board memory to run customers' applications, thereby reducing BOM final cost. The LGA package not only allows space and weight saving in portable devices thanks to its low profile, but it also enhances the mechanical resistance to shock and reduces the integration cost in medium-to-high-volume industrial processes.

The GE910-QUAD features quad-band GPRS wireless data connectivity, as well as analog and digital voice. Standard plus extended AT command set and built-in TCP/IP and UDP protocol stacks provide augmented functionality, adding value to the end application.

The GE910-GNSS variant adds a competitively priced GSM/GPRS plus GNSS combo solution supporting both GPS and GLONASS, significantly improving the overall receiver performance, aimed at opening up new m2m location aware telematics segments from automotive and fleet management applications, PDA's and mobile computing to livestock tracking and more.

Furthermore, the GE910 makes it possible to run the customer’s applications inside the module using Python Script Interpreter, thus making it one of the smallest, complete platforms for m2m solutions.

The GE910 Family will also feature the Telit AppZone platform: an embedded software environment enabling easy m2m application development with industry standard C code. The Telit AppZone eliminates the need for an external microprocessor, further reducing the application size and design/integration cost. With the GE910 and the Telit AppZone the Time to Market will be faster than ever.

The GE910 will support embedded SIM chip as a mounting option, making it the ideal solution for durable and rugged designs, and reducing BOM cost and size on the customer's application. m2mAIR SIM chip will be embedded as a standard to provide an all-in-one connectivity solution.

This product supports the m2mLOCATE Cell-ID based global-positioning feature.

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